Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sorry for those who have noticed how behind I am. This post was originally titled "28 weeks and such" but since I never got around to posting practically this whole month, this will have to do.

At my 28 week appointment I was measuring 3 weeks behind so I had an ultrasound this week at 30 weeks to make sure all is well. She is right on track at 3 lbs 5 oz and is already showing signs of hair. She is head down and will hopefully stay that way for the duration. She was so sweet with her hand up by her face and was pouting her lip out. I can't wait to squeeze her chubby cheeks. This little babe is as wild as ever and if that is any indication as to what she will be like outside the womb, then I am going to have my hands full.

Ari knows there is a baby in my belly and he will ask to feel her and says "get bigger" knowing that she won't come out until she gets much bigger. Then he quickly pulls my shirt down and says "close". This is a HUGE improvement from the reaction I got the first time I showed him my belly. He was extremely appalled and would practically scream "No!!" with this horrific look on his face as if I just exposed him to the most absurd image and would quickly lower my shirt. It definitely wasn't what I expected so needless to say we have made lots of progress. I think he is getting more excited about having a little sibling...although he really has no idea what that's going to bring.

Ari has recently hit an independent stage where everything is "ARI DO IT!" If it keeps up I will be taking advantage of that when the little babe comes.

Have I mentioned how much I love these two? I can't tell who was entertained more...Ari, AJ, or me!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


He's already found a better use for these...