Tuesday, June 7, 2016

in a blink of an eye

This past month has been a blur. Our computer locked up that has all our pictures on it so I felt majorly behind on posting those (such as Evangeline's birthday *sigh*). But that will have to wait until it gets fixed.

But in the meantime we connected with a dear friend from 3 years ago who we thought we'd never see again. We hosted some girls and this lady (from Peru) a few years ago and she happened to be touring again this year. I just cried and cried at how gracious God was to allow us to be connected once more.

Ari also finished his first grade year. (Insert loud cheering from me!!!) He had a spring program then we sadly said goodbye to a great teacher. I tried to talk her in to moving up to 2nd grade :)

Ari finally lost another tooth! His first tooth was lost a year ago in April and this next one was pulled by the elementary principal on the last day of school. :) How memorable.

In the midst of school ending, we got a placement in our home. Our world quickly went from busy to insanely busy. But we have adjusted well and we are all enjoying the new additions.

We've had lots of play dates with these friends. Enjoying s'mores, playing baseball, playing hair dresser, and playing more baseball.

We also ventured to the zoo. It was super busy but was totally worth it. The new lego exhibit is incredible!

Most of the lego statues used over 80,000 lego's and about 500 hours to build. Wow!

And in case you didn't already know...we're a little coo-coo :)

This is about how I feel most of the time these days :)