Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ari turned 8 {back in October}

There is just something special about your kids birthdays. It's a good reminder that life doesn't ever slow down (and that I'm getting older as well).

Ari had several "themes" he wanted to do for his birthday. We don't normally have themes but as he gets older, he goes through phases of things he is really in to. So I picked one and went with it.

Of course that meant he got loaded up with fun things that went right along with it. We even made our first pinata in to a Death Star. And by "we" I mean AJ :)

My brother had to stand guard as the children scrambled around to find all the candy.

Lemon cake was on the menu again. His favorite.

This year has been a huge year for Ari. I have seen him grow in so many ways both spiritually and emotionally. He continues to be a deep thinker and usually asks the most challenging questions at bedtime, which is when he likes to talk about his day. Then we end each night with "happy thoughts", a nightly tradition we've had for years.  He still has a sensitive heart towards others and is burdened for those who are struggling with something. He loves to read and I usually find a few books that he has been working through at a time. He has been dedicated to a daily quiet time and is also very diligent in reading his Charlie Brown calendar each day. (It HAS to be on the correct date.) He is finding his balance as the oldest (a GREAT big brother) and wanting to have some alone time. We are so proud of who he is. Happy birthday!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

fall break {Lake Monroe/Property}

Fall break seems like such a long time ago. Partially because it was and partially because we have done lots of fun things since. We had a special trip to Culver's (and sadly I don't even remember why!)

And we had our first experience at the Commons Mall. What a fun place!

AJ took three of the kids in his car (to who knows where?!)

And apparently had a fun pit stop in the toy aisle.

We were able to to head down to our friends boat and property so we hit up Steak N Shake on the way.

The property had so many fun things for them to see/do.

Evangeline was waiting very patiently for the ducks to come get some food.

These chickens didn't mind us one bit.

And the kids loved riding in the tractor! Some of them got to drive it :)

Papa took them down the creek to collect geodes.

And of course they had to crack them open to see the goodies.

We had chicken over a campfire, ate s'mores, then went back to collect some eggs.

We were very blessed to be able to spend the night on our friends boat. What an adventure!

We got to swim in the indoor pool for a bit before heading to bed. We were tired from our long day that we went to bed right along with the kids.

Now the kids constantly ask when we get to do that again :)

fall break {Brown County}

We love our fall tradition of visiting Brown County. The weather was absolutely beautiful!

We had to wait (well, just daddy did) in a long line so they could ride the ponies.

This was Selah's first time-she was brave enough this year :)

Then there was Lincoln, who only sat there for about half a second.

The trails are always fun and the kids do such a great job of trekking along.

We ran in to someone from church on a trail and they were kind of enough to take our picture.

If we stopped for too long then Lincoln would be itching to get down.

We love coming down here!

Friday, January 13, 2017

school, school, and more school

Well it's a new year and I'm just getting around to posting about the beginning of school. *sigh* So this will be the first half of the year instead of just the beginning :)

Ari was not looking forward to school at all (except to see his friends). And then there's Evangeline who had been counting down the days for weeks. She is still just excited about school now (halfway through) as she was on the first day.

Our moms took the the kids to Grandparent's Night. They were spoiled with cookies and new books.

We sure love their teachers!

Evangeline's field trip in the fall was to Appleworks.

The tour guide told them all about the bees and trees. It was so interesting!

It turned out to be nice and hot that day :)

I was able to go on a a field trip with the Ari too. Fifties Day for Ari was spent at the bowling ally. It was most of the kids first time bowling (including Ari) so it was super fun watching them figure it out.

Ari's pumpkin project was pretty fun :) He stuck around for weeks and weeks and weeks (until there was snow on the ground). It was hard to part with this guy but it was definitely time!

Then Ari's class had their Christmas party with Minute to Win It Games. It's amazing what second graders really get in to!

Evangeline was so excited for the Christmas program! She had a small speaking part and did great (despite having her shoe fall off when walking back to her spot!) That night she asked "When is our next concert?!)

And then there's Ari, who also did great but was less enthused about having to perform :)

Evangeline's class party was fun to participate in. She just loves having us come to her class. And so do I! :)