Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hilton Head {Part 2}

I love our schedule when we're on vacation: breakfast, beach, pool, lunch, nap, beach, pool, dinner, beach, pool, sleep, repeat.

Lincoln was the only one who didn't enjoy the beach. It took him several days to even step on the sand, but he mostly just stood there covering his face saying "No, yucky sand!"

Showing off muscles.

Wanting to be like big brother.

Memories with nanny.

This particular night we wanted to walk on the beach but it started thundering and lightning so we didn't make it very far.

Another stop for gelato!

Big family picture with my mom, AJ's mom, and Devin. My grandma also came but I couldn't find the picture with her in it :(

Pool time!! Ari ventured in to the deep end this year- he is getting so big!

The trees here are so fun to climb.

An evening swing by the ocean before bed.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hilton Head {Part 1}

We just love going to the beach for our family vacation every year. Maybe one day we will venture elsewhere, but for now Hilton Head is where we long to be.

The kids have always been great travelers, but this year we knocked an hour off our travel time to and from there! It was strange having our youngest a big 2 year old. The last who-knows-how-many years, we've always had a newborn or a one year old. I guess that extra year makes a difference. *insert tears of laughter and sorrow?! not sure how I feel about that yet

Here Lincoln is flexing his muscles. Surprisingly he is standing on the sand. He actually didn't like being on the sand most of the time and was very particular about what type of sand he would stand one (hard and firm vs. soft and fluffy). He didn't have any issues last year so this was kind of a shocker.

We enjoyed being on our own schedule...which meant we could stop and have a popsicle anytime we chose.

Or go get gelato anytime we wanted too. Mmm coffee chocolate chip is calling my name.

There's just something about digging a big hole in the sand. Way out here the ground water is high so there was no way to get the water out. Ari still liked the challenge.

More dessert anyone? I think someone gave us key lime pie.

The love of my life!

We always take a little trip to Harbour Town so the kids can play on the playground.

Up in the treehouse!

Look at these babies all grown up *tear*

Family picture after a yummy lunch at Salty Dog. (Small world-the hostess was from Indianapolis and went to the same high school as AJ.)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The big six! {Evangeline}

"Evangeline, Evangeline. How sweet you are my darling." (sung to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree")
This sweet girl is growing by leaps and bounds. Her adventuresome spirit keeps me on my toes.

She loves to make people laugh. Whether it's telling jokes, making funny faces, or acting goofy she is downright silly just to get a smile from someone.

Reading glasses became a new thing mid-kindergarten. Ain't no thang to her. She said "These make me look intelligent." 

Did I mention she loves school? Everything about it. Her teachers, her classmates, her backpack, her pencils, and so on. And all her friends are her best friends. And then there a few BEST friends. That makes sense to a 6 year old anyway.

Oh and she loves her family. I about cried a river when she said her favorite thing to do was spend time with her mom. *sob* She also loves her siblings, all five. And takes the role of big sister proudly.

Being a flower girl was super special. All things girly, from the dresses, to hair, to nails, to makeup, to pictures. The girls were loving it.

 She has this love for pets too. When she is older she wants to have a pet farm. Not with farm animals. But with house pets. She has asked convincingly made an argument several times for why we should get a dog. Maybe some day.

She has a love for babies too just like her momma. *melting*

She really enjoys playing soccer. She decided to take a year off of dance *gasp* and thought she could do soccer again but we missed signups. Bummer! But she loves to be active. She ran a mile with me once and I think she could have kept going!

My little girl brings so much life and energy to everyone around her. She is one of my pick-me-ups each day.