Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hilton Head {Part 2}

I love our schedule when we're on vacation: breakfast, beach, pool, lunch, nap, beach, pool, dinner, beach, pool, sleep, repeat.

Lincoln was the only one who didn't enjoy the beach. It took him several days to even step on the sand, but he mostly just stood there covering his face saying "No, yucky sand!"

Showing off muscles.

Wanting to be like big brother.

Memories with nanny.

This particular night we wanted to walk on the beach but it started thundering and lightning so we didn't make it very far.

Another stop for gelato!

Big family picture with my mom, AJ's mom, and Devin. My grandma also came but I couldn't find the picture with her in it :(

Pool time!! Ari ventured in to the deep end this year- he is getting so big!

The trees here are so fun to climb.

An evening swing by the ocean before bed.

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