Wednesday, January 17, 2018

9 years old {Ari}

Ari might have turned 9 back in October, but I'm determined to exercise my right as his mother to create a little glimpse of him at this age...before he turns 10.

But where do I even start?! He seems so simple on the outside, but I see another side of him that is so complex. Most people would imagine a typical 9 year old boy as rowdy and rough, but he is quite the opposite.

Yes he loves to wrestle his dad but deep down he is very conscientious of others. He is sweet and gentle with his siblings.

He is polite and if anything that is a minor shortcoming of his when it comes to sports. He is great at soccer and basketball, doesn't get all worked up about the score, but truly focuses on people having fun and playing the best he can. I've seen it over and over, him letting the ball go past so he can stop to help another player up (even someone not on his team).

He loves adventures, and learning, and reading, and reading, and reading...did I mention he loves to read? 

He has a big heart for his siblings. He isn't too cool or too old to play with them. He has the biggest admirer-Lincoln.

He also has a big heart for friends, and even people he has only met once. 

He is passionate about China. I'm still trying to figure out what started this but he is obsessed with anything China. For a while he was learning some mandarin from an app on my phone. He has self taught himself so many things about that culture, perhaps it will come in handy some day.

He takes initiative to come and ask me what chores he can do for me. *say what?!* He truly doesn't mind helping out and he takes the role of big brother very well.

 I could go on and on about his tender, loving heart. :) We love our special time with him after the other kids go to bed- playing games, reading, or just talking about the day. He is such a special person.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Spartan Race {July}

Somehow I agreed to do a Spartan Race with AJ. I've never done a race before because I don't like to "race". I like to workout on my own time, and not have the pressure of hitting some goal and only having one chance to do it. But everyone kept saying "Oh, you're going to have fun." And I couldn't imagine ever saying that this was going to be fun. But I have proof in these pictures that I must have enjoyed some of it because I'm smiling!

We stayed overnight the night before so we didn't have to get up crazy early. We thought the kids would get a kick out of this pirate we saw at dinner.

We came a little early before our start time to scope out all the obstacles.

Most of the obstacles weren't too bad. AJ and I both disliked the sandbag carry...even though he was caught smiling.

There were 22 obstacles over the span of 4.2 miles. 

If you fail to complete an obstacle then you had to do 30 burpees. Fun, right?

There were hills, lots and lots of hills, mud, water, climbing, crawling, carrying, lifting, burpees, hanging, and pulling.

We finished!

A few things I learned: I could have pushed myself much harder since I wasn't that exhausted at the finish line...we could have shaved off quite a bit of time if we had a different strategy...and in some strange way I'm actually motivated to work harder next year to beat this time. 

And for the record: AJ could have probably cut this time in half but he wanted to hang with me instead. I have a wonderful husband!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hilton Head {Part 2}

I love our schedule when we're on vacation: breakfast, beach, pool, lunch, nap, beach, pool, dinner, beach, pool, sleep, repeat.

Lincoln was the only one who didn't enjoy the beach. It took him several days to even step on the sand, but he mostly just stood there covering his face saying "No, yucky sand!"

Showing off muscles.

Wanting to be like big brother.

Memories with nanny.

This particular night we wanted to walk on the beach but it started thundering and lightning so we didn't make it very far.

Another stop for gelato!

Big family picture with my mom, AJ's mom, and Devin. My grandma also came but I couldn't find the picture with her in it :(

Pool time!! Ari ventured in to the deep end this year- he is getting so big!

The trees here are so fun to climb.

An evening swing by the ocean before bed.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hilton Head {Part 1}

We just love going to the beach for our family vacation every year. Maybe one day we will venture elsewhere, but for now Hilton Head is where we long to be.

The kids have always been great travelers, but this year we knocked an hour off our travel time to and from there! It was strange having our youngest a big 2 year old. The last who-knows-how-many years, we've always had a newborn or a one year old. I guess that extra year makes a difference. *insert tears of laughter and sorrow?! not sure how I feel about that yet

Here Lincoln is flexing his muscles. Surprisingly he is standing on the sand. He actually didn't like being on the sand most of the time and was very particular about what type of sand he would stand one (hard and firm vs. soft and fluffy). He didn't have any issues last year so this was kind of a shocker.

We enjoyed being on our own schedule...which meant we could stop and have a popsicle anytime we chose.

Or go get gelato anytime we wanted too. Mmm coffee chocolate chip is calling my name.

There's just something about digging a big hole in the sand. Way out here the ground water is high so there was no way to get the water out. Ari still liked the challenge.

More dessert anyone? I think someone gave us key lime pie.

The love of my life!

We always take a little trip to Harbour Town so the kids can play on the playground.

Up in the treehouse!

Look at these babies all grown up *tear*

Family picture after a yummy lunch at Salty Dog. (Small world-the hostess was from Indianapolis and went to the same high school as AJ.)