Thursday, July 21, 2016

happenings in July

My grandma was in town for her birthday this year, and it was the first time we were able to have all of her great grandchildren together with her!

We were only home for five days from Hilton Head before we packed up and headed up to Wheaton to visit with AJ's sister (and family).

They have some really fun parks to visit.

This one had a giant hill the kids would run up and down (good for sledding in the winter).

We visited a small zoo that had a wind tunnel. The kids loved it! 

This zoo contains native animals to Illinois, such as horses, deer, raccoons, llamas, coyotes, ducks, etc.

Then one of our favorite things we look forward to is the 4th of July parade. This town is serious about it's parade!

We are usually roasting in the sun during the parade, but not this year! It was mild and even a little chilly (at least for me). :)

The kids were waiting patiently for the candy :)

And we always have to get a cousin picture before we leave. They are getting so big!

Ari decided to go fishing by himself and caught this big guy!

Some friends invited us over to swim after church and it was like being at a resort. So thankful for them!

And then we had some friends camp in our driveway one night. After the kids were put to bed we stayed up way too late eating dessert and enjoying adult conversation :)

The next morning was eventful too- our friend caught a fish and put in the pool for the kids to pet! Then we put it back :)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hilton Head {part 2}

The kids always look forward to our Salty Dog trip.

There's a super fun playground around the corner...

with a giant treehouse...

and some random animal statues.

And then there's the lighthouse.

The kids beg and plead every year to go up and I gladly let AJ take them :)

We also ventured to a park near the condo.

There  are lots of marshes with wildlife to see.

More beach time!

And more pool time!

Another favorite restaurant has a hub for fishing boats. Here's where the fishermen hang out.

And my grandma provided an evening treat on the beach.

There are so many treasures to find here. Lots of shells, crabs, horseshoe crabs, oysters, and even glass bottles (a perfect free souvenir for me).

We visited this beach again one last time. It was much less windy and the kids enjoyed jumping over these holes.

Lincoln loved sitting here with his buckets of water.

He even loved to be in the waves.

And here was the surprise we saw on our last day. Yikes!

We had to get gelato one last time :)