Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our Easter Weekend

The kids always look forward to the egg hunt at church every year.

They were very dedicated to finding every last bit of the eggs. Each child was allowed to find 48 eggs. Yikes!! Can you imagine how much candy we came home with? 48x3...that's enough candy to last us a life time.

My niece and nephew always join us so that makes it extra special.

Evangeline was very interested in the type of eggs she found, while the others were interested in what was inside.

I'm pretty sure we didn't even count how many eggs they ended up with. Either way, it was a ton of candy.

Ari had a speaking role for the program. He memorized a verse and another little part. Then the kids sang a song.

Evangeline loves to  sing and do the motions. Ari not so much...but he does it anyway.

After all of their practicing, Selah had the song and motions down as well. I think she could have gotten up there with them.

Since the weather was nice (a bit chilly still), we had a project that needed to get done. So most of our weekend was spent grading our yard near the pond so it's not so steep.

The kids love to "help". Which consisted mostly of them digging up worms.

Lincoln and I came out to a few times to check in on the progress. He was excited, can you tell?

After church we had lunch with family, then the big kids stayed with nanny while we went home to finish up our project. I'm kind of sad it worked out that way because I missed the egg hunt and coloring. I intended on doing it still with the kids later in the week but it just never got done.

But the kids had fun at nanny's.

Here they were hunting for some eggs.

Then they colored some too.

And of course had to eat the goodies inside.

Later in the week we made Resurrection Rolls. I think this is the kids favorite thing to do for Easter and it's such a good reminder of what Jesus did on Resurrection Sunday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

we got some pics

My cousin came and captured some sweet moments for us.

It was a super nice day wedged between some cold and rainy ones so we were blessed.

It was hard to choose just a handful of enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2015

4 weeks {Lincoln}

We have been enjoying Lincoln so much. So weird to think that he's been here for a month now!

Once we got out of the hospital, we've been going nonstop. We couldn't wait for him to be here so life could get back to normal. Here's us at the zoo when he was 6 days old.

Many people have asked how we've adjusted to 4 and all I can say is "Great!" Having another to throw in to the mix is so much easier than being pregnant. The first two weeks he gave me long stretches at night (even 8 hours once!), but then he got mixed up and now he does his long stretch during the day and eats every 3 hours at night. You will not hear me complain though because I have been thoroughly enjoying every second of him, even during his fussy moments. After a long, hard pregnancy I am so grateful that he's here. Anything was going to be easier than being pregnant.

The kids have been enjoying him as well. But I can honestly say that Evangeline is smitten. Every time she sees him she lights up and runs up to see him while saying "Aww, Lincoln!" She will ask to hold him then when he's had enough she will say "I think he wants you now." :)

He still sleeps quite a bit so I've been super productive around the house. Have I mentioned that it's so much easier not being pregnant? :)

It's amazing what kind of noise he sleeps through: vacuum, kids screaming, running around, plates dropped on the tile (thank you Selah), music, crying, etc.

Look at those precious lips. I melt.

And then there's the smile. The sleepy-newborn-I-can't-help-myself-smile.

We've also seen a few smiles while he is awake. Hello world!

His little buddy was born a week and a half after him. He seemed so big already compared to the new little guy.

He is growing really well though. Already 9 lbs 4 oz (25%) and 22 1/2 inches long (75%).  His hair is starting to thin some on top and I've seen some lighter color hairs in there so it will be interesting to see if it will come back in blonde or stay dark. But his eyes are definitely blue, they haven't changed one bit.

Here's his first Easter with us. We are just so delighted with him. I'm enjoying absolutely everything about him because I know it won't last long. He has already changed so much these past 4 weeks and I know it will just continue.