Friday, January 13, 2017

school, school, and more school

Well it's a new year and I'm just getting around to posting about the beginning of school. *sigh* So this will be the first half of the year instead of just the beginning :)

Ari was not looking forward to school at all (except to see his friends). And then there's Evangeline who had been counting down the days for weeks. She is still just excited about school now (halfway through) as she was on the first day.

Our moms took the the kids to Grandparent's Night. They were spoiled with cookies and new books.

We sure love their teachers!

Evangeline's field trip in the fall was to Appleworks.

The tour guide told them all about the bees and trees. It was so interesting!

It turned out to be nice and hot that day :)

I was able to go on a a field trip with the Ari too. Fifties Day for Ari was spent at the bowling ally. It was most of the kids first time bowling (including Ari) so it was super fun watching them figure it out.

Ari's pumpkin project was pretty fun :) He stuck around for weeks and weeks and weeks (until there was snow on the ground). It was hard to part with this guy but it was definitely time!

Then Ari's class had their Christmas party with Minute to Win It Games. It's amazing what second graders really get in to!

Evangeline was so excited for the Christmas program! She had a small speaking part and did great (despite having her shoe fall off when walking back to her spot!) That night she asked "When is our next concert?!)

And then there's Ari, who also did great but was less enthused about having to perform :)

Evangeline's class party was fun to participate in. She just loves having us come to her class. And so do I! :)