Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wheaton for the Fourth

We decided to go visit AJ's sister for the Fourth of July weekend. Due to a turned over semi, our 3 1/2 hour drive turned into a 6 hour one :( At one point we just thought we should turn around and just stay home...but the kids were doing great so we kept pressing on.

After our trip to Hilton Head, the kids keep talking about Cracker Barrel. A few weeks ago we were on our way home (pushing bedtime) and Ari suggested that we stop there just for a pancake snack. So they were excited when we got to stop here on our long trek up there.

Once we made it there the long drive was worth it. The kids loved playing with their cousin and all his fun toys.

The little town had a festival one night that we walked around at.

Then the next day we sat and watched a parade.

We were just down the street from the house so Selah was able to get her nap while we watched most of it.

The kids did great sitting for an hour and a half since they knew if they kept waiting someone would eventually give them some more candy.

Most everything is within walking distance so one night we went to get ice cream and watched the trains go by. The kids loved that!

It's always nice when people offer to take your picture, then nobody is missing.

Saturday morning we walked to the farmer's market and got some donuts. You can't beat fresh donuts made right in front of you! It was the fanciest farmer's market I have ever been to. Everything was way over priced but it was neat to see all the vendors, some were there making hot breakfast for people!

After the farmer's market we stopped at a park on the way back.

Evangeline insisted that we take her picture and she pose this way. She even pointed to her back and said "that" was where she wanted us to take the picture. :)

One morning I stayed back with Selah while the big kids ventured with daddy to a water park. It was pretty cold so they stayed in the sand part for most of the time.

All the kids!

And the best one of just mine...

We got home late Saturday night and were able to enjoy a full day home before the work week started.

The kids requested to go to the "rumble slide" park and it was a fun end to our weekend.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

catching up the rest of June

Life doesn't slow down when you have little ones who keep you entertained ALL the time. I don't know who's brilliant idea it was to give this gal a bowl of potato soup AFTER bath time. *sigh*

Kids have been enjoying the library. Evangeline is really into getting her picture taken these I oblige because she may wake up the next and decide she never wants her picture taken again. :)

Here's another "Mommy! Will you take my picture?" 

And then there's this one who looks cute no matter what...even if she's half-naked, wet, and scrunched in a bucket.

We enjoyed a late night with cousins having s'mores over the campfire. They brought the super duper giant marshmallows that are impossible to fit on a s'more. But they loved them. I went in to a sugar coma just watching them eat it.

But seriously, look how much fun they had.

And AJ always has his own idea of fun. Chubby bunny anyone?

We had a fun pitch-in with some friends from church. This little girl was so snuggly for some reason.

But the others were off with their friends running all over the yard chasing the ducks and playing in the water. Evangeline had so much fun holding this one. She's not very reserved when it comes to loving on animals. She just wants to love on any animal that will get within her reach.

Ari on the other hand had fun petting them from a distance. :)