Tuesday, November 15, 2016

October was fun! {Part 2}

Our annual tradition to Appleworks lives on! The weather was perfect and there actually were pumpkins this year! (Lots of rain last year left a pumpkin graveyard).

The kids had fun investigating all sorts of pumpkins, especially the rotten ones.

Every year we take a cousin picture on the pumpkins. There are more and more added to the bunch each year!

The animals are always a big hit too.

Except Lincoln preferred them from far away. We tried to get him close but that didn't end so well :)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

October was fun! {Part 1}

We decided to go out to breakfast one morning. We normally choose Patachou, but we were pretty hungry and wanted to eat sooner than later :)

It was a big hit all around.

Then off to the zoo we went!

Lincoln gets excited about any and all animals. We've been to the pet store a few times because I get a kick out of his excitement!

We were invited by some friends to Kelsay Farms. Since their church rented it out we were able to go for free! The kids really enjoyed the corn maze.

And you can see the joy of going on a moo train ride.

Lincoln enjoyed these huge pumpkins while the Bigs played on the hay bails. What a fun time!