Thursday, June 23, 2011

STOP! hammertime...

Who needs TV for entertainment when you have kids?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Thanks to Qdoba for having buy 1 get 1 free coupons for Father's Day, we took advantage of it and spent Saturday morning enjoying one of our favorite foods.

Breakfast burritos.

I think I'm salivating.

Then off AJ went with his dad to spend some quality time out in the middle of nowhere. Just shootin' the breeze.

No really. That's all they were doing.

And so I spent many an hour just taking this in.

And making cookies with Ari for Father's Day.

(no pictures of that :( bad mommy)

Then Sunday came all too quickly and we went to church, made blt's for lunch (with lettuce from the garden), took a nap, then packed up.

Thankfully it dried up enough that we could still have a picnic at the park.

I am blessed beyond measure. But aren't we all?

I love my husband so much. He is a wonderful father and a great example to our children. He makes us a priority and that means so much.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6 weeks

This little babe is growing like a weed!

She is starting to crack more and more smiles.

And when she does it just melts my heart.

She sleeps EXTREMELY well at night...ranging somewhere from 5 to 7 hours each night. It's glorious.

She also has a striking resemblance of her brother. His picture is below.

Oh how fast they grow up!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a nightmare

I have this thing about fair cups. I use one every day because it is convenient to carry lots of water in, it has a lid and straw, and it is much larger than our other cups. This cup goes with me everywhere (except church): the store, friends houses, it goes on walks, and is even used at night so I have something to drink during these late night feedings.

Anyways, this afternoon I grabbed it off our bed, took a swig and instantly realized there was something else in my mouth other than water. I spit it out all over our carpet and looked down to find out what it was. It was a SPIDER! Not just any spider...a live that was scurrying away as I tried not to scream, gag, and drop the baby all at the same time.

I wish I could say this was just a nightmare but I can't. My obsession with using this cup might have to end since drinking out of a straw will be out of the question for a while. I might be scarred for life. Oh yeah, and I'm still gagging.

Monday, June 6, 2011

enjoying the weather

I'm sure I'm not the only one enjoying the heat, but I always prefer 80-90 degree weather over anything else.

This little guy doesn't seem to mind it much either!

He loves going t o the park, especially with his cousin Lynlee.

It has become a daily ritual where he comes up to one of us and says "I have a question for you. Are we going to the park today?" In fact, he asks that several times each day.

This little babe could care less what we do. She's pretty easy going.

If we can't make it to the park, Ari would gladly settle for the sprinkler and baby pool in the backyard.

This little cutie pie was enjoying it as well.

Isn't she just a doll?!

Fun in the sun makes for very happy children.