Friday, May 30, 2014

perspective, a tornado, and friends

We've had a busy May and I've barely kept up on taking pictures of everything we have been doing. We had some crazy storms come through. Our sump pump stopped working and flooded the unfinished part of the basement. Then our dryer was starting a fire in the vent and thankfully we found it before it turned in to a full fire.It was very inconvenient (as all home improvement emergencies are), but in the midst of all the craziness in our house we really had our perspective reset.

In the lives of those around us that same week, here is what was going on:
basement flooded and ruined all the finished area that was put in 5 months ago
both parents diagnosed with terminal illness
2nd grader with heart issues needing surgery
car accident with injuries
husband with cancer having seizures and in rehab

With all that being said, we were thanking God for our house issues and for our health. Our minor "emergencies" didn't seem that big of a deal anymore.

We now see Evangeline as one of the "big" kids. She has seemed so grown up these last few weeks. It's not uncommon to find her posing without realizing it.

Selah has definitely earned a new nickname. We now call her the TORNADO. She is everywhere and in everything. She's usually right behind me tearing everything out that I just put back. She even has a little temper. She's very familiar with the word "no" and will rebel immediately if told no. She will usually grab the closest thing to her and start biting it if I tell her no to something. Some items that have become victims of her are a baby doll, towel, clothes, rocks, and phone. I was holding her one time and she started pulling my hair and hitting me with her cup! Despite the defiant behavior, I truly do love this age :)

Ari is happy he hasn't been doing any school. We are glad the weather has mostly been nice so he can get his energy out!

But on rainy days we find him climbing and jumping and we did a craft.

We had a sleepover with our friends and enjoyed the pool, s'mores, and late night games while the kids slept.

Memorial Day was busy getting some things done around the house, but we made time to visit nanny and her own little splash park.

We were able to get a little fishing in with some friends this week.

The kids all took turns throwing the fish back in.

I'm pretty sure this is Ari's first catch! Evangeline also had her first catch but I was unprepared at that time and didn't have my camera :(

It's been a while since Evangeline has fallen asleep in random places, but this particular day she was emotionally drained from getting some shots. She tucked herself right in and fell asleep.

Every night we talk about how much we love our kids, how they are growing up so fast, and how each of them make us laugh in different ways. I love this season of life.

Friday, May 16, 2014

so way back in April...

I was a slacker and didn't keep up on the blog. But hey, life with kids trump everything else. 

Ari was having a good time getting her all dolled up. She sure didn't mind!

Evangeline has been asking since the Christmas program for her turn to sing up on stage. She was so excited to finally get a chance! There were only two 2-year olds singing with all the big kids and they did great.

Ari also did a good job...much improvement from his last performance where he decided not to sing at all...or smile. Perhaps a little pressure from the sis had something to do with it? Who knows.

We borrowed a bounce house from some friends six months ago...and have yet to return it. We are terrible friends.

We had some warmer rainy days and the kids were begging to get outside. 

They walked back and forth, back and forth.

And stopped in the puddle until their hearts were content...

and their clothes were soaked.

Selah has continued to yell at me until I let her go outside. She stands at the door watching all the birds then will bring me my shoes. That's my hint to get my act together and take her out :)

Evangeline still continues to wear her ear muffs from time to time. She is sensitive to noise. Maybe I should start wearing them when she cries :) 

I am so proud of Ari and how he cares for his sisters. This particular time I heard him asking if they wanted to be swaddled. They loved that idea!

He also thinks of fun things for them to do like dragging them on a blanket all over the house. Three kids occupied, burning energy, and having fun = naptime score 3 points for mommy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Week

The weather has been getting so nice we've been able to play outside half clothed. And when I say "we", I don't mean me. (I'm sure you're relieved to hear that.) The pool has been out but this particular day the kids found an unexpected water puddle in our yard...which soon turned to mud. Our friends were over and I also had my niece and nephew so this made for a super fun time.

The kids couldn't have been more delighted.There was lots of jumping, and splashing, and wallowing, and mud bathing. Everything was turned a nice shade of brown. Which made for lots of wiping kids down, washing clothes, and hoping it all would come out!

AJ and the kids took me to my favorite breakfast place Saturday, Cafe Patachou!

Then we ventured to the zoo.

Here are my little joys that allow us to celebrate Mother's Day. I don't take them for granted. My heart is burdened for women out there who long to have a child, or have lost a child, or have been estranged from their own mother. This day isn't a celebration for everyone. Sometimes it's full of hurt or sadness. I want to make sure I think of others on this day as well.

This little beauty just slays me with her expressions.

They would jump back every time the tiger walked by!

Selah wanted a chance to walk around. The desert area was finally back open and the orangutan exhibit is almost complete. I didn't get a picture but the orangutans were out and walking along their cables high up in the sky. It was incredible!

The kids got a kick out of the sleeping meerkat.

I'm sad to say this is the only picture I got with my kiddos this weekend :( In fact we did lots more than breakfast and the zoo and I didn't get any pictures of our other activities. boo.

Most of Sunday was spent at my sisters graduation. Congratulations sis! AJ held down the fort with the kiddos while I was gone. He's such a great dad. Not only did he have fun with the kids and bathe them, but he even had dinner ready for all 13 of us when we got back! He's super-hubby. And that is really why I get to celebrate Mother's Day. He really makes my "job" so easy. 

And the most heartwarming gift came from Ari. I just love his attention to detail. The other side says "Happy moms day". He thought of that on his own since he didn't know how to spell "mother". *tear*

My family is what makes my job so special. I always knew that I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom. I am so spoiled I get to have my dream job!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

her golden birthday

She's been talking about being 3 for a long time. Ari even helped build the excitement of having a birthday by counting down the days for her.

There is no question what she likes to do most: DRESS UP. Whether it's painted nails, a simple flower in the hair, an extra tutu (or 2), she is generally sporting one or all of the above. If she isn't wearing an extra skirt or dress it's because she's sleeping or playing outside.

She is our early riser and often times (like every day) climbs in to bed with us before we are ready to get up. She wakes up ready to eat breakfast and get her clothes on for the day...while we are still groggy and trying to figure out why in the world she wants to get up yet. :) She points to the window and says, "Look! It's wake up time!" or "Look! The clock says it's time to get up!" She is also our cuddler and will ask throughout the day for me to hold her or "snuggle" her or to nap with her (I wish!).

She loves to play games and read books. Often times I will find her sitting by herself looking through a book. Her and Ari have moments of aggravating each other but they also have sweet moments where they are best friends. She is wanting to be independent for everything that we have had lots of talks about "telling us she wants to do something on her own" versus "throwing a fit because we didn't know she wanted to do it herself". Sometimes we wonder if opening the door is going to set her off. Her emotions run high most of the time so I struggle with understanding why she is crying for the 5th time and it's only lunchtime. We have been stretched to new parenting levels but we have grown in many ways!

When she's excited about something her whole body lights up. We call her our little jumping bean because well...she barely stops jumping, or hopping, or running, or spinning, or dancing. When she asks to be held I cherish those moments because I know she doesn't sit still for much.

She is somewhat picky when it comes to eating and dislikes most pastas and potatoes. She's getting better about eating chicken and vegetables. Ketchup has become a regular side dish (even for the veggies). :) However, there is no problem getting her to eat if sugar is involved. :)

She loves to climb, swing, and swim. She is adventurous and fearless.

Bedtime routine has been a challenge. It doesn't matter how many times she goes to the bathroom before bedtime, she always gets up within minutes after we close the door and claims "I need to go potty!" The thing is she ALWAYS has it's hard to get frustrated when we can't call her bluff. We don't want to continue to reinforce this behavior because it has been her tactic to delay bedtime...but at the same time we want her to stay dry through the night. *sigh*

Evangeline loves having her cousin over so they can dress up together.

We adore her humor, silk hair, gymnast abilities, giggles, dancing, hugs, prayers, accessories, goofy smiles, and cuddles. We love her sweet spirit and how she gets excited about the little things. She loves to help Selah walk and is great at encouraging Ari. I'm excited to see her become so independent but will continue to cherish all the times she wants to be snuggled. I hope that sticks around for a long time. :)