Monday, December 28, 2015

9 months {Lincoln}

I was so relieved at his appointment to see that he had made it back on the growth charts. Even though he is still 5% for weight, he happened to gain about 2.5 lbs in one month. I guess the pediasure and extra solids are paying off.

He is now 16 lbs 13 oz at 5% and 50% for length and head.

By 9 months he is now sitting up on his own (with some assistance-just in case).

He loves to clap and wave hi.

He also loves to grab anything and everything. If I don't oblige then the situation quickly turns to this...

He thinks it is hilarious to give high-fives and giggles when you dance with him.

He has also been sleeping much better since we added the extra meals. So thankful to be getting somewhat normal sleep. After his vaccine though we had a set back for about a week, but I think we are getting back to a better pattern of just one feeding during the night.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Thanksgiving and such...

So I'm a little behind. But that seems to be the story of my life right now :)

My niece was born the end of November. They love having another baby around!

And so do I.

I've been trying to capture these silly  moments where the kids just love on each other. Getting Lincoln to laugh at them is always fun.

We made our first deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving. It turned out great!

We had lots of fun with family in town that weekend.

We decided to make a trip to the zoo even though it was pouring cats and dogs the whole time. The kids were excited to see the reindeer again this year.

Thanksgiving weekend always entails decorating for Christmas.

And the kids managed to wear most of the items we were supposed to be putting out :)

So happy to be sharing this holiday season with our little man.

AJ and I have enjoyed several fun dates the past few weeks. One being his annual holiday party and the other was the Yuletide.

These kids always want to hold their baby brother. Evangeline told me the other day "I love having a baby around!" I definitely agree with her :)