Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Evangeline has this thing about loud noises...so we found a great solution that she LOVES. I wasn't sure how the fourth of July was going to go but she was able to enjoy the fireworks in style.

I am not exaggerating when I say this: EVERY time we lay her down for nap or bedtime she asks "No rain? No thunder?" She remembers the one time it thundered when she was sleeping and now she asks every time if it's going to do it again. It's been months.

Thanks to our neighbors we had a little firework show. It wasn't hot so we were able to get in a campfire as well. It was the last get-together with my grandmother before she went back to Florida.

We have spent a lot of time with the neighbor boys this summer. Here they were helping our neighbor pick up all his limbs after watching it get cut down.

AJ and I went to a wedding. We didn't manage to get a picture of us together but we did of this beautiful house where it all took place. This couple had the idea of donating money to a non-profit on behalf of their guests instead of giving out favors. BRILLIANT.

Every day Ari comes home from swim lessons and he teaches Evangeline in our little pool everything he learned.

She calls this her "swim soup". The glasses were a must.

We have officially been potty training for the past several weeks. Overall it's going great! We probably would have been done with it months ago if I had my act together or was motivated to add something else in to the mix! *Sigh* But sometimes I have to prepare myself mentally for parenting this child because I never know what she is going to do on her own or what is going to be a battle. She is our passionate, opinionated child. Love her.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4 months

Selah has become so vocal these last few weeks. Evangeline takes note that she is "screaming" but I reassure her that they are happy noises. Selah loves to squeal and wants to make sure we all know she is there.

AJ and I were looking back at the other two when they hit 4 months because everyone asks us who she favors. I think she is a good mix right now...which I guess equates to her looking like her own person :) The only thing exact on all three are there noses. It's crazy how similar they look though.

Selah's hair is starting to grow in blonde now. She is growing by the rolls but still weighs in the 55% at 14 lbs.

Ari and Evangeline continue to interact with her all the time. Ari plays the role as entertainer and is always doing silly things to make her laugh. Evangeline takes on the role as mommy and is constantly aware as to what Selah is doing or things she might need.

I've never had a baby that seemed so fascinated with their tongue. She will stay entertained for a while just blowing bubbles while she has her tongue sticking out.  It makes for quite a mess because she will end up with a completely soaked top. I've never had a baby that drools (even when teething) but it looks like that has changed. I see bibs in my near future.

She has been trying to sit up whenever she is laid in the bouncer or on the floor so I think there will be an exercauser in our near future as well.

 Selah continues to be so happy and bubbly (no pun intended). It's amazing how after our 3rd child we are still in awe of everything she does. Even though we like to see how similar she is to her siblings, we know she is uniquely made. She is precious to us and we are enjoying every second of it.