Friday, October 31, 2014

he's now 6!

I love this kid. From his baby blue eyes to his monkey toes, I love everything about him. What I love most though is his heart. He is growing and maturing and showing us everyday that he is ready to experience more.

He's a great big brother. Yes, there are many times that he just aggravates his sisters (and I just want to pull my hair out).  But there are many more times that I find him snuggling with Selah, helping Evangeline get something, carrying Selah around, getting her what she wants, holding her on his lap for the dolphin show, doing school with Evangeline, reading books to them, putting Evangeline down for a napy...all without me asking him to. He's such a lover. And although he was never our cuddler he sure knows how to make someone feel special.

He has a special bond with both of his sisters (and I'm pretty sure he's getting one already with his brother who isn't here yet...more on that later). He loves to make people laugh, especially Evangeline and Selah. 

He does love to receive gifts...but it doesn't have to be something big. A card, a drawing, a hug, an I Love You, or a piece of gum is also good enough.

I know this is me being a typical parent...but he is darn good at sports, mostly running. He is the fastest kid and enjoys racing daddy down the street as he is on his way to work. I'm sad it's getting colder out because those moments are few and far between now. But I loved his enthusiasm every night before bed because he wanted to make sure he didn't oversleep so he could see daddy off in the morning.

His memory is incredible. He doesn't forget much of anything so when I've asked him to do something and he says "I forgot", I have a hard time believing that! :) 

(I had to get a picture of all three with their great grandpa.)

He loves his birthday (what kid doesn't?)...but feels extra special when EVERYBODY can come. We have to limit celebrations to family only...for many, many reasons. This year my mom couldn't make it because she was in Florida taking care of my grandma. This is when I'm most thankful for technology! The kids were able to see her still and she was able to be a part of the celebration.

Ari couldn't wait to eat some cake (and find out if he was going to have a baby brother or sister!)
He checks my belly everyday to make sure he's getting bigger :) He also started calling him "bubby" until he has a "real" name. I cringe every time he says that because I absolutely loath that term!! :) So I have no idea what made him think to call him that but I am super motivated now to find a permanent name so he can be called something else! (We're working on a different nickname until then...*sigh*)

Cute story: the next morning after we found out it was a boy, Ari crawled up next to me in bed and was getting really close. I was groggy and still trying to figure out what he was doing so I asked him and he said "trying to lay next to bubby!" He's so thoughtful and although I was shocked at the nickname he chose...I couldn't help but have my heart melt when he was trying to be close to his brother. He now says "We are a family of 6, even if he isn't born yet!" Ahhh, melt. my. heart.

After we sang, Selah crawled up into her chair and put her tray on all by herself. (There are many pros and cons to having an independent 1 1/2 year old.) But after about 15 minutes of people being served cake and everyone enjoying it, my brother realized she was still sitting there with an empty tray waiting for her dessert! We had forgotten to get her some cake too! It made me realize I might be in for it when we add another one to the mix. :) Or maybe I can just chock it up to having a "pregnant brain" and preoccupied with cutting the cake. :)

Ari is getting be so grown up. I reluctantly type that because I know in a short amount of time he really is going to be old enough to drive, go off to college, and make his own life choices. We are trying to cherish these years and train him up to be a godly man while we can. It's not easy work but it is the most rewarding.

We love you, Ari! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's a...

So we decided for fun to not reveal the gender until Ari's birthday party. That way we could all find out together...including us! So my friend was the only one who knew and she made his cake with one layer having "blue" or "pink". It was so fun to have Ari be the one to see first!

Friday, October 24, 2014

pumpkin patch

I love traditions. We've always made a habit of going to the pumpkin patch, but going with family just makes it a little more special.

Selah isn't a baby anymore. She wants to hang with the big kids and do everything they do. That also means she wanted to walk through the patch herself, which is like watching her on an obstacle course with all the large vines and pumpkins she had to get around.

The Bigs just ran around the whole field, us adults could barely keep up!

But we finally caught up to get a few close-ups.

I love how they get to grow up close to each other and make these fun memories together.

The only school bus they will probably get to ride for a long while :)

And of course we spent quite a bit of time feeding the goats.

Selah wasn't sure about that! She kept a nice distance.

Evangeline, on the other hand, is quite opposite and will embrace any animal right away. Sometimes she makes me nervous with how comfortable she is around them. But there is an exception to that...she is pretty timid around dogs for some reason, maybe because dogs are much more hyper than the average goat, horse, chicken, sheep, or pig?

Daddy was brave enough to go down the bumpy slide with Selah...and not just once!

Swings were put up this year. Wee!

Kids had a blast running around through the maze. It's small enough that no one could get lost and with only one way to escape we were pretty sure no one could get out without us knowing.

Giant hay bays to climb! These were much bigger than before, I couldn't stand to watch them climb. Eek!

Thank you Uncle Mac and Aunt Molly for the fun pony rides!

Selah wasn't able to ride (and she wanted to badly!) but the nice man let her sit on for just a minute to snap a picture.

After months of not doing much of anything, it was fun to finally get out and do something fun.  This is the first year since I can remember actually being happy to see the summer go. Perhaps being sick has made the summer feel so long. Glad to be in a new season...hoping that means a new season in pregnancy too!