Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Seems like one week we will have temps below freezing with snow then the next week we are out and about with just jackets on. 

She insisted on wearing this hoodie outside :)

Valentine's Day seemed to come quickly this year. We love making homemade ice cream sandwiches! Our tradition continued with spending Valentine's with our friends.

AJ's sister was in town that weekend and spoiled us with fondue. The kids first experience was fun. And messy. And delicious. And messy. And memorable. Did I mention how messy it was? But seriously, they really enjoyed the unlimited chocolate.

Another Valentine's tradition is going to Patachou for breakfast. Yum!

Lincoln even shares in my excitement to come here :)

If you spend even a few moments with Evangeline, you will notice how much she loves and cares for babies. Not just our baby, but any baby.

They get lots of extra time together when Selah is napping and Ari is off to school.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

11 months {Lincoln}

This little man continues to keep me on my toes. In so many ways he has made me feel like a first-time parent. Ha! There are days when I wonder if I have any clue what I'm doing. But look at his face! He is so squishy, and cute, and lovable. And I will continue to embrace this stage until we are on to the next.

He is still gaining weight (about 6% now-18 lb 9 oz), but that is great considering I took him off Pediasure 2 weeks before his weight check. I just couldn't do that to him anymore. So I've been pushing more table food to make up for it. He seems to be a bottomless pit these days. If he isn't sleeping then he is eating.

It seems that he becomes discontent easily when I just plop him on the floor. So this car has been a new fun way for the kids to play with him. He loves being pushed around in the car and also in the laundry basket. The kids are always looking for ways to entertain him.

A new favorite trick of his is standing, which contributes to his discontentment of sitting on the floor. All he wants to do is stand or hold my fingers and walk around. All. Day. Long. He really hasn't mastered crawling yet. He will pull himself on the floor just a few inches but not enough for me to consider him very mobile.

He mastered the word Da-Da a long time ago and now he has moved on to "Yapf!"  I don't know how he chose that but it's hilarious especially when he says it in agreement to something we have said. He also gets a kick out of shaking his had back and forth quickly. He will giggle at himself like he knows he is being silly.

He is working on getting two more teeth up top. Oh the joys of teething (or not). So hard to tell when he wakes at night if it's teeth, or hunger, or ears, or something else not on my radar. His sleeping habits have been much better the last few nights. Not sure if it's because his napping schedule has changed, or if he has just turned a corner, but we have enjoyed the extra sleep. (I did mention how there are times when I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing--this is one of them!)

The most hilarious thing I have seen in a long time is him blowing on a deer call. He loves it! And will be entertained by this for so long. It is just hilarious.

I think his face says it all.