Thursday, March 27, 2014

25 pictures because I'm behind!

We've had a fun March so far, despite the week of sickness that plagued our children. Evangeline has been saying some pretty funny stuff. Sometimes it's just her thought process that surprises us. One night she prayed that "mommy and daddy would obey her". :) 

Evangeline was hit the hardest with a stomach bug and pretty much slept 8-10 hours during the day. She was attached to this bucket even when she started feeling better. :)

Selah continues to explore everywhere, attempts to stand on her own, and sleeps through the night. She has also decided to throw fits in protest. Ari and I have had a hard time not laughing at her because she kicks her legs like a jumping frog. I believe we have entered a new phase with this one.

Ari can't help but pick her up, snuggle with her, carry her around, feed her, get her cup, and play with her.

Evangeline continues to wear dresses every day. She loves to be dressed up and is ready to pick out her clothes for the day as soon as she is done with breakfast. For some reason she wanted a picture of the back and the front of her dress. :)

Our children love to watch music videos of their favorite songs. Right now we have been viewing any and all of Rend Collective Experiment.

We had a few days of crazy-nice weather. Look! No jackets!

Selah was especially happy to be out. She does not shy away from crawling in the grass or rocks.

On this particular nice day, we still had a mound of snow that hadn't melted away yet.

It was a fun adventure to see if they could walk on it without sinking in.

Evangeline wanted some assistance so she wouldn't have to touch it with her hands so I ventured up with my sandals. Don't think I've ever done that before!

What fun!

The nice weather didn't stick around for too long. Selah lingers by the door to check out what she's missing.

We had some windy days which was perfect for kite flying.

Selah was crawling all over and handing me everything she found. At least she wasn't eating everything in sight.

Evangeline looks so big! She was proud of pumping her legs.

We also visited some friends who happen to have ducks.

Evangeline made a new best friend. She wanted to pet, hold, and feed them.

The kids got a kick out of the ducks swimming in the bath tub!

We decided to adventure to the zoo...the warm weather was gone again so we bundled up. Evangeline was not happy about being cold. :)

The rhinos didn't seem to mind. They were so active. This one looks like he's kissing a rock.

Ari is always looking for ways to make her laugh.

It doesn't take much!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

a year in review

When Ari and Evangeline turned one, I recapped their first year in pictures. I like to see the progression each month. It's amazing how much they learn and change in just a short time! This baby was so eager to get here she didn't wait for us to get a room...and she's kept us on our toes ever since!

1 week- always sleeping, always content

1 month- happy to go along for the ride

2 months- not too young to become a beach bum

3 months- talking to us about life

4 months- the tongue tricks never stopped

5 months- such a big girl

6 months- rolling over and ready to go

7 months- will sometimes sit back and soak it all in...but not for long

8 months- on the move

9 months- more tongue tricks...and always eating

10 months- really on the move...pulling up and getting in to everything

11 months- always ready to give a smile, scrunchy-nose style

12 months- still sporting the light brown hair (which grew in evenly!)

This little nugget brings us so much joy. It never gets old watching her explore and figure new things out. She is so curious and even though she doesn't say many words, she understands so much. She refuses to sign and demands everything she wants by saying "eh-eh-eh" and pointing. Some days she is a picky eater and other days she is not. I spend a lot of time during meals figuring out what she will eat because some days she will eat something, then the next day she won't. She won't drink milk or eat meat or beans or eggs or (fill in the blank with just about anything) so I'm going to have to get creative on beefing her up a bit. I was shocked to see she hadn't even gained a pound from 9 to 12 months, dropping her to the 15% at 18 lbs 6 oz. The doctor wasn't concerned (which made me feel better) but I'm determined to find something consistent she will eat besides pepperoni :) There were several months where she was an eating machine but we've regressed some now.

Baby girl, you are going to have a blast exploring outside this spring and summer. You've had a small taste of it and now you stand at the window just waiting for us to take you out again. You are not shy and often times reach out for other people to hold you. Your smile is contagious and those bright blue eyes make everyone swoon. You easily belly laugh for Ari and he is always trying to take care of you. Evangeline likes to bring you your blanket and cup and wear matching dresses with you. Since we let you cry it out, you've been sleeping like a champ. We love you sweet girl.

Monday, March 3, 2014

happy birthday Selah!

How has it been a year that I was in shock about the way this little one came in to the world? Now it just seems part of her story, nothing unusual.

These past twelve months have been the fastest by far. I see so many tiny babies around and think "wow, how are we past that stage already?"

She has started hating bath time, which seems unusual for any child. We had her taking baths in the regular tub so I switched her back to the sink and she seems so much more happy. Maybe the larger tub was overwhelming? I have no idea.

Exploring the stairs has become a new interest to her. Ari is her biggest cheerleader and he is always right there to encourage her on.

Of course there is always playtime involved. She thinks he's hilarious.

She continues to point and say "eh-eh" when she wants something. She refuses to sign or communicate any other way.

She is loved by so many. Her cousins and siblings play with her and exercise much patience when she decides to overtake their toys.

She wasn't a big fan of getting her picture taken. Sundays are so hard because her nap schedule is not really a "schedule" like she's used to.

This picture really shows the relationship that Ari has with Selah. He is always loving on her and caring for her.

She finally got a taste of some sugary-goodness.

And not a crumb was wasted!

She would snuggle with grandma but would never fully give in to falling asleep.

We've been struggling with transitioning to other types of milk. She just won't take anything else. I tried liquid and powder formula, cows milk, and even almond milk. She will takes small sips of almond milk, but definitely doesn't drink what they say she should be taking in. I'm past the part of worrying about it since she still seems to be eating and sleeping just fine. It's hard to say what her favorite food is because she seems to enjoy most everything. 

She is finally sleeping much better at night. I cut her down from 3 naps to 2 naps during the day, then AJ and I had her cry it out a few times. Now she sleeps 11 hours and usually only wakes up 1 time at night to find the paci. We've really enjoyed the extra sleep. :)

She is at an age where independence is highly favored by her. She will protest at the word "no" and cries like I hurt her feelings. She is already testing boundaries and usually have to follow up with a firm "no" several times. As you can see she has no problem expressing her feelings about that. :)

She has truly brought us more joy than we could imagine. Happy birthday sweet baby!