Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas, cookies, and waiting

It doesn't seem to matter what's going on, life just keeps going. So no matter how behind I've gotten on taking pictures and documenting the little things in life, my kids have continued to grow and mature.

Life has just been interesting with this pregnancy, so we pretty much take things one day at a time. Christmas wasn't any different. We went through two weeks of someone being sick so our plans seemed to be up in the air. Everything worked out just fine with seeing family but we are thankful to be on the other side of the holidays and feeling well.

Selah has a love for drawing. She made herself right at home Christmas morning and parked herself in the middle of the chaos so she could draw.

Her vocabulary is very extensive now so there is no holding back when it comes to telling us exactly what she wants. She is not a baby anymore *tear*.

We always love seeing our nephew Owen. Between him and his mom being sick, we didn't get to see them as much as we wanted though while they were in town.

I really did a terrible job at getting pictures this holiday season. Unfortunately, this is all I have to show of our family get-togethers. I didn't take a single picture of my side of the family. Boo!

So far there have been two snows that the kids have enjoyed playing out in. Of course I didn't get any of them actually playing this time *sigh* but I did manage to get the snow with this pretty skyline.

Whenever AJ has late meetings, we try to get together with him for lunch somewhere so the kids get to see him. This was the first time we did Cracker Barrel for lunch and Evangeline was just soaking in every little minute with her daddy.

Selah was intently working on solving this puzzle. Her and Ari are so similar when it comes to things they enjoy doing, how they learn, and what comes easy for them.

Every year we have a cookie day with my cousins and siblings. Normally it's somewhere in between the holidays but since my cousin was moving we decided to wait until everyone could make it. Selah loved holding the mixer. (I foresee a battle in the future when I get that back out).

All the kids played nonstop and only took breaks long enough to eat. Then back to the basement they went.

They pretty much played in here all day. I was worried the motor might burn out!

Here are all the 7 second-cousins...or the great-grand kids of the family. Soon there will be two more to add to the bunch! I love how they are so close in ages and truly enjoy being around each other.

I am 33 weeks now and we are more eager than ever to meet our new little man. Being pregnant is such a waiting game. I move slow these days and with the cold weather we don't get out much. We are looking forward to our new baby, a new mommy, and new weather in the next few months.