Monday, March 21, 2011

6 weeks to go!

We are so ready for her to be here! Ari has been practicing praying with her and singing her to sleep. It will be fun to actually see them together.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reasoning with a 2 year old

This past week Ari has not stopped talking about going to a park. He even told me to turn the car around when I pulled in to our neighborhood so we could go to the park. We have been trying to tell him that the weather has not permitted us to go so we will have to wait until it gets warmer. Well a few nights ago it had rained all day and was still drizzly outside, we were eating dinner. Here is how our conversation went.

Ari: Go to the park
Me: Well we can't right now because it is too rainy.
Ari: Wear shoes!
Me: Your shoes will get wet.
Ari: Wear boots!
Me: Your clothes will still get wet.
Ari: Wear jacket!
Me: (trying not to laugh at this point) Well wearing a jacket is a good idea but we will still get wet.
Ari: Use umbrella!! (as he demonstrates holding an umbrella over his head)

I was at a loss at this point so we changed the subject quickly.

This kid is determined to get some play time outside. I think we will have to arrange something now that it is warmer and not so wet!