Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Break

Easter weekend was the beginning of Ari's spring break and that was spent with family. Then the next week was packed full of playdates. The kids voted for Brown County on AJ's half day. The weather was so perfect. As we were approaching Nashville we noticed a haze and a strong smell of fire. It continued all the way to the park so we were concerned about hiking around in the fire-smoke. Turns out there was a controlled burn inside the park, but thankfully most of the smell and haze lifted by the time we were ready to hike around.

Our first stop: the lookout tower. Selah refused to be in this picture :)

This particular trail was new to us. We were convinced though that it was much longer than the map said.

The pony rides are a must. Except when you get one that refuses to go.

My equestrian skills were not enough to motivate this guy to go, so we ended up using a different one.

Ahh, much better.

Selah did not want anything to do with them, so she sat on the side lines taking pictures.

We worked up an appetite after the park and had planned to eat in Nashville but weren't sure where. Then to our surprise we stumbled upon Brozinni's pizza!! What a relief it was to find a place we were familiar with.

Ari ate so much pizza he felt sick for two days. (Parent fail!)

Our server was so kind and brought us a free dessert!

Our plan was to get fudge after dinner, but we didn't realized every little shop closed at 6. So it worked out nicely getting a free dessert.

And in the blink of an eye our spring break was over. Now we are counting down to the end of the school year! I'm ready to have my baby home.

Monday, April 11, 2016

I love Easter!

Easter is my favorite holiday. It's that time of year when all things spring are bursting forth. It's also the time of year we focus on our Risen Lord. I love it because this holiday doesn't come with any strings attached. We do fun activities, but there are no gifts expected. 

The weather was so enjoyable we were able to play outside all weekend.

The kids loved finding all the eggs. 

And then of course opening them all.

And also eating them :)

There were about 4 dozen eggs to color as well. 

I didn't think about taking pictures, but we invited the neighbor kids over to do resurrection rolls with us on Good Friday. It was Ari's idea to have them over for that so we could share the gospel.

Lincoln loved feeling like a big kid.

Our family picture after church. I can't believe I remembered! The ground was still squishy so my heels kept sinking in :)

AJ's sister came and stayed with us that weekend. The kids love being able to spend time with their cousin.