Tuesday, September 23, 2014

March seems so far away

Life has gotten to be so interesting the past few months. Most everyone knows by now that we are expecting baby #4! 

But with this baby has come lots and lots of sickness. I have no idea why this one has been particularly hard. Since July we have been in "survival mode". We basically have quit our normal life and do the bare minimum just to make it through the day. I have failed miserably at being the housekeeper I once was. But AJ has been so gracious, he has stepped up to do basically everything that I used to do (and without complaining!). He has taken on the role of pretty much everything: working 40 hours a week then coming home and doing dishes, laundry, playing with kids so I can rest, sometimes even cooking dinner, picking up the house, even cleaning the house, etc.

I, on the other hand, have just been a slob. For several months I was nauseous (24/7) and getting sick to my stomach several times a day, also had a constant headache, felt like I should be sleeping 20 hours a day, and if I didn't get two naps in then I would be even sicker that evening. My body would completely shut down after being up for 3 hours, so I would have to try and make it until Selah's nap. Getting off the couch to make lunch would completely wipe me out...then back to the couch I would go. I also had a super heightened smeller, which made everything smell horribly to me, which then made me throw up. Thankfully that has gotten much better the last few weeks.

The older kids have done really well with the "new" me. Unfortunately I have been more grumpy than happy, and since they are with me all the time they have seen that side of me way too often. Ari has been a huge help though. Sadly they have watched more movies the past few months than they have in their entire lifetime. *sigh*  There's not many options when a stay-at-home-mom is sick for months on end.

I'm 15 weeks now and have started to feel much better than before. I still don't feel great, but at least I can get some things done around the house (although realistically it's usually just one task a day). I'm happy if I get dinner made! Most of the nausea has subsided, but I'm still extremely tired all the time. A new problem has risen though...I've started to have neck and back problems which have been giving me headaches every day...which then make me more tired. So if I lay on the couch to rest, I will get up and have a terrible neck/headache. I guess at this point I have to choose my poison. Grr...

I have heard from many ladies that each pregnancy gets harder, or that they were sick for the entire 9 months. EEK! I can't imagine being sick the rest of the pregnancy. Babies are totally worth it and bring so much joy...just that part seems so far away right now.

Praise God for this wonderful little blessing!