Friday, August 19, 2016

where has the time gone

AJ was able to take a trip to Uganda in July. That will have to be a post in and of itself, but while he was gone we survived, and played, and survived some more. Actually it wasn't too bad. Some friends stepped in and brought some food, we had lots of play dates, and just enjoyed our days together before school was to start.

We even snuck in a trip to the zoo!

The dog show was a big hit for the kids, even for Lincoln! He has his own special sound when he sees a dog, so the whole show he was going "Boop boop! Boop Boop!" in a high pitch sound.

And then they talked me in to standing in line so they could pet one :) I obliged since this is as close to owning a pet as we will be for a while. 

I figured no one would believe what happened the first night AJ was gone so I had to take a picture. It was one of those nights where Lincoln kept crying so at 11pm I brought him downstairs so I could finish listening to a sermon. Well out of nowhere this tree frog jumped off our fireplace mantle onto the living room floor--right in front of me!! He had dust all over him like he had been up there for a while! If I wasn't paranoid enough being the only adult in the house for 12 days, then this put me over the edge :)

The kids enjoyed a few movie nights (and so did I).

Our good friends were also moving away while he was gone so we spent lots of time with them.

We miss them already!

The kids were so excited to be able to pick daddy up from the airport, but unfortunately there were several flight delays. He was supposed to get in on his birthday and leave us a few hours to celebrate, but he didn't make it in on time. Talk about a bummer! Thankfully he did make it in the middle of the night so the kids were excited to see him the next morning.