Friday, July 30, 2010

more from July

When a new month is coming upon us I usually wonder where the time has gone and why it goes so fast. It's sad that school is going to be back in session and I will have to drive 25 miles an hour for most of my drive to work. But I guess it's better to be sad for that then have to be sad that my child is going to school. I still have some years for that.

Like any 21 month old, he loves to wear other people's shoes.

He has also been practicing his baseball, getting ready for the Indians game.

Once we got there he really enjoyed himself. There was not much baseball watching, but there was plenty of excitement...

plenty of dancing...

plenty of running around...

and plenty of love.

I could just kiss those cheeks over and over!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the zoo

We had our first trip to the zoo a few weeks ago. Our intentions were to go in the spring but we never got around to it until now.

We took the train ride because Ari is really in to trains right now. Every time he hears or sees one he gets his little arm up in the air as if he's tooting the horn and says "choo choo!"

He especially loved the splash park on this hot summer day.

My favorite was the shark exhibit. His arms were a little short to reach, but we still managed to pet the little guys.

Monday, July 26, 2010

my love

This image does not do my husband's love for me any justice. This is just a glimpse as to what he goes through just to make my day.

After my request for hot dogs that evening, he never questioned whether or not he felt like standing in the rain to make them. He just did.

And when I start a project and it seems to have one nightmare after another, he doesn't question why I started it in the first place. He just finishes it.

On days when I need a nap more than our 21 month old, he doesn't ask why I am crankier than our baby. He just lets me sleep.

These are just a few reasons I am so blessed to have him. I am thankful to celebrate another year older with him.

Happy Birthday, my love. And thanks.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

6 months - Lynlee

This little Christmas Eve babe is already 6 months old. Meet my niece, Lynlee Grace.

She is so happy.

Even if we feed her lemons.

Pucker up!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Destin 2010

We visited Fudpucker's again and you can see where we signed the wall last year.

This is my sister and my mom. They're great.

This is McGuire's, with a million dollar ceiling. This restaurant is known for the dollar bills hanging everywhere that people have donated just to have their name on the wall.

Ari was ready to kiss the fish. He kept puckering up to it.

Cooling down while we were out cruising some shops at The Village.

Poking another fish our group caught at the pier. International fishing waters were closed so we stayed local and visited the pier several times.

Our whole gang. There were 19 to count. There is never a dull moment when you are sharing living spaces with that many people for two weeks!

A hug for mommy on the beach. He's a sweetie.

Wearing daddy's shirt and flexing his muscles. Tough guys.

The last day we saw some oil making its way on the beach. You couldn't really tell it was oil until you touched it and got greasy fingers. This is how small they were. We were very blessed to have enjoyed the beaches while we were there.