Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This past weekend was such a great excuse for us to just relax and spend time with each other. We don't like to make Valentine's a big deal, but AJ just so happened to have Monday off for Presiden't Day so it felt extra special. Saturday we decided to have our Valentine's meal for breakfast instead of dinner. We got up early and drove to Patachou at 49th and Penn for the best french toast, omelette, and coffee. 

We were up SO early that we got there by 8a when they just opened. (Don't mind the non-showered pictures--that would have been asking too much for trading in our sleep). This was Ari's first Valentine's and first trip to Patachou.

This is the little cafe. It is somewhat bigger in person but I think it is so cute and quaint.

After breakfast, we decided to head next door to another great little find. It is called D & Z Gifts and it has the most beautiful fresh flowers. Every time we come up here we stop by to get some. I only wanted a few and here is what I chose.

I couldn't believe how HUGE these flowers got once they opened! Just gorgeous...

On Sunday after church we had some errands to run, but after that we decided to head down to Lake Monroe. Our friends have a house boat and that is where we spend most of our time in the summer. It's a free little getaway so we go there in the winter when we want a mini vacation.
Too bad Ari missed the picture, but it was way too cold out for him. This was also his first time at the lake, but he will get to enjoy it much more in the summer when it is actually warm. I can't wait!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun with Daddy

The other night I had some work to do so AJ was watching Ari. It was so cute to watch them because Ari was fascinated with turning over to put his hand on AJ's arm. He was sitting next to AJ on the couch and so interested in looking at everything AJ did. 

Well, AJ got up to do something and Ari was still sitting on the couch. Well I heard him fussing a little so I went to look. This is what I found...

His head was stuck between the cushions! It was pretty funny because he wasn't crying at all, he just acted like "What is going on here?" AJ found it too amusing NOT to take a picture. :)

We have dug out several toys for him now. He likes the rattle the best so far. For some reason, he violently swings that sucker around! I suggest not sitting too close because it can actually hurt! He's bonked himself a few times with it, so maybe he'll stop abusing it so much. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

For those of you on Facebook have probably seen this note going around. I have been tagged in it several times for me to participate. I can't seem to figure out why anyone would think I have 25 Random Things to list but I will try and do my best. Here goes nothing...

1. I have never broken a bone or had my wisdom teeth out
2. I am terrified of heights!
3. Some day I would like to have 5 kids...or maybe more
4. I have played several sports growing up: softball, track, volleyball, tennis, and cheerleading (if you count it)
5. I used to play the flute and has been way too long since my piano days and forget how to read music for the left hand
6. I never had a boyfriend until the age 16--thank goodness!
7. I despise most tv, with the exception of LOST
8. I love the beach and dream of living there, but could never move because I cherish having a close family too much
9. I have been stung 13 times at once by some angry bees. I am very frightened of them now!
10. My worst fear is losing AJ--I don't know what I'd do without him
11. I am introverted and love being home alone all the time! You can call me Mrs. Hermit.
12. Public speaking is probably my second worst fear unless I feel ultra comfortable around you. I was a business major at Butler and had to give presentations all the time! It helped me get over it a little.
13. I used to be so shy that I would be embarrassed if I had to order food at a restaurant or go up to the counter to ask for something they forgot to give me. I would have my mom or sister do it for me.
14. One of my pet peeves are people who complain and are negative. We have so much to be thankful for!
15. I am not a reader and probably have only read less than 5 books all the way through. It's hard to get my interest and if it doesn't keep my attention in the first few pages then I will stop reading it. Plus, reading makes me sleepy and I'd rather spend my time doing something else. When I do read, it's the Bible.
16. Growing up, all I wanted to be as an adult is a stay-at-home mom. And it is everything I dreamed it was!
17. I enjoy doing laundry and organizing things.
18. Another pet peeve of mine is clutter. I am always trying to get rid of stuff.
19. I am very close to my sister and brother and would consider them my best friends. 
20. I have a thing for Sudoku...I have completed several books of those puzzles.
21. I am not a competitive person but really enjoy playing games. My all-time favorite is euchre.
22. I am really bad at returning phone calls and despise listening to voicemails. Mostly because my voicemail is set up stupid and it takes forever to listen to them. 
23. Cafe Patachou is my favorite restaurant. There is one downtown but doesn't compare to the one at 49th and Penn. It is a small, quaint little place that serves the best breakfast and coffee. AJ and I have many great memories there from our college days.
24. Lake Monroe is my favorite place in the summer. Staying on a house boat, riding waverunners, but mostly just soaking in the sun.
25. I am usually cold. Even when we were in Cabo for our honeymoon, we were laying out and I had to wrap up in a towel because I had goosebumps. It was over 100 degrees!

There you have it folks. I surprised myself I could finish it. Ok, so some of them aren't that interesting but the title of this was 25 RANDOM things. Hope you enjoyed some of it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Man

For Ari's three month birthday, we got him a Bumbo seat. I had been looking for one on Craig's List for a while and finally found one!  Here is what Ari thinks about his new seat. Doesn't he look like a little man?

My dear friend Ashley came to visit on Saturday. We met in college and roomed together in our sorority, Delta Gamma. She currently lives in Kokomo so it is not often we get to see each other. Here is her with Ari. He just loved her! But can you not? Look how cute she is!

This last picture is of Mrs. Meowgi. Completely random but she was having a bad hair day and I just had to take a picture. Gotta love it.