Tuesday, May 10, 2016

life's been busy

I'm still trying to figure out how it's May already. So glad it's going fast since Ari will be done with school in a few weeks (insert joyous music here). Yay!! We've been busy with dance, soccer, friends, birthdays, mowing, unclogging drains, laundry, etc. Ya know, the usual.

We had a few days in the 80's that the kids were begging for the kiddie pool be dug out of the shed. So we obliged. Then after that the weather turned rainy and seems to have stayed that way ever since.

The kids are enjoying this soccer season. Despite the rainy days, we've still had games. (And I've had a few attitude checks while sitting out under an umbrella trying to keep 3 kids dry). First world problem for sure. And I'm so thankful to have healthy kids out running around...and many, many other things to be thankful for as well.

Evangeline has made lots of progress since the last time she played in the fall. She actually tries to kick the ball now, despite all the other kids chasing the ball too.

She also turned 5 out of nowhere. (Gasp) What?!?!

She is growing up way. too. fast. Before I know it she will be asking for the car keys. *sigh* 

AJ had to be out of town for a few days which corresponded with Ari's random day off school, so we went to the zoo. The lion cubs were so active! And after we made it to the elephants we could hear the lion roaring!

The kids and I had a great time. The weather was pleasant and we surprisingly didn't have too many field trips to navigate.

Lincoln missed his morning nap, but ended up sleeping for nearly 4 hours afterwards. Woah!

The flamingos are always hilarious.

AJ made it back in town on E's birthday just in time for dinner. So we hit up Scotty's for Kids Eat Free Tuesdays (thankyouverymuch) then made our way to Monkey Joe's.

And at some point this past month, Selah spent some time with nanny. She's becoming more and more independent each day. And less crazy too :) We've seen a heart change the last few weeks and we are so thankful to be coming out of a challenging stage with her.

Evangeline also had her first dance recital. She was definitely in her element. Tutu's, dancing, a stage, and an audience. That's what our days are filled with at home anyway :) So thankful for the girls who organized this ministry.