Wednesday, June 24, 2015

goodbye 20's

Thanks to Ari I now have this memory (and proof!) that I do get to sit and snuggle every once in a while. With four kids there is so much to do all the time that sometimes I have to remind myself to do this.

I love this one of the kids...all piled on daddy before bedtime to read some books.

My birthday happened to fall over Memorial Day weekend so we planned a trip to Patachou and the zoo. This was Lincoln's first Patachou date :)

It's weird to think that I'm not in my 20's anymore. My brother-in-law said that now I'm "age appropriate". Instead of being a mom to 4 in my 20's, I'm now a mom to 4 in my 30's...which apparently seems more normal to him. :)

The 20's were good to me: finished college, married the love of my life, bought our first house, and had four children. Man, life has flown by and I can't imagine what this next decade will hold.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my husband and kids. So I am living the dream being a stay-at-home mom.

The zoo was so great this day. The flamingos were out and friendly.

But Selah didn't seem to think so! 

This was the first time we have seen the elephants perform. 

It was so neat!

Then we were off to see the birds.

We don't always make it to the gardens but we made time this day.

The kids love walking around the gardens...but mostly when they get to snuggle daddy along the way.

Pictures with all four of them are few and far between, and even more scarce are pictures of me!

We were also able to make it to an Indians game in May. We had been watching the weather all day for thunderstorms in case it was cancelled, but we managed to make it for a few hours before the storms set in.

We were able to get discounted tickets from AJ's work which also included dinner!

Ari was really in to it since he is learning the logistics of baseball. Too bad we didn't get to watch the whole game.

Hello, Indianapolis. 

We managed to wrap up dinner just in time before the storm set in. We packed up quickly but then only made it half way to the van before we were blasted with rain. The kids were troopers, but we were soaked to the bone in just a few minutes. Definitely a memory they won't forget for a long time :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

3 months {Lincoln}

Oh, Lincoln. He is such a doll. We have been enjoying him so much.

At 3 months he loves to smile all the time. He even giggles.

He loves to watch you and wants to be with others. If you get out of sight for too long then he gets upset. But otherwise he is the happiest little guy.

The Bigs still ask to hold him every day. They LOVE him to pieces. All of them, including Selah, like to help out when he gets fussy...whether it's finding his paci, getting him a blanket, burping him, etc. Selah even likes to bring him toys. But I still haven't been able to convince any of them to change his diaper yet :)

As long as he's fed and napped then he generally looks like this. Completely full of can just see it in his eyes.

He is ticklish around his neck and will sometimes laugh while I'm getting him dressed. He gets a kick out of doing the motions "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands".

He still blows lots of bubbles and will somehow get a cluster of them on his chin. I say he "bubbles" when he is happy :)

He is so attentive to things now. He loves to be facing out or sitting upright when carried so he can watch what's going on. He also loves to be outside.

He is still sleeping great. His schedule hasn't changed much in a while but it's like clockwork now. Eat every 4 hours during the day and sleep about a 7-8 hour stretch at night. I still wake up once to feed him since his long stretch starts before I get to bed, but it hasn't been too bad at all.

This little man is so fun to have around. He just fills my heart with joy!