Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Spartan Race {July}

Somehow I agreed to do a Spartan Race with AJ. I've never done a race before because I don't like to "race". I like to workout on my own time, and not have the pressure of hitting some goal and only having one chance to do it. But everyone kept saying "Oh, you're going to have fun." And I couldn't imagine ever saying that this was going to be fun. But I have proof in these pictures that I must have enjoyed some of it because I'm smiling!

We stayed overnight the night before so we didn't have to get up crazy early. We thought the kids would get a kick out of this pirate we saw at dinner.

We came a little early before our start time to scope out all the obstacles.

Most of the obstacles weren't too bad. AJ and I both disliked the sandbag carry...even though he was caught smiling.

There were 22 obstacles over the span of 4.2 miles. 

If you fail to complete an obstacle then you had to do 30 burpees. Fun, right?

There were hills, lots and lots of hills, mud, water, climbing, crawling, carrying, lifting, burpees, hanging, and pulling.

We finished!

A few things I learned: I could have pushed myself much harder since I wasn't that exhausted at the finish line...we could have shaved off quite a bit of time if we had a different strategy...and in some strange way I'm actually motivated to work harder next year to beat this time. 

And for the record: AJ could have probably cut this time in half but he wanted to hang with me instead. I have a wonderful husband!!

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Lindsey said... WOW!!! So impressive!! Great job Team Hillebrand!