Wednesday, January 17, 2018

9 years old {Ari}

Ari might have turned 9 back in October, but I'm determined to exercise my right as his mother to create a little glimpse of him at this age...before he turns 10.

But where do I even start?! He seems so simple on the outside, but I see another side of him that is so complex. Most people would imagine a typical 9 year old boy as rowdy and rough, but he is quite the opposite.

Yes he loves to wrestle his dad but deep down he is very conscientious of others. He is sweet and gentle with his siblings.

He is polite and if anything that is a minor shortcoming of his when it comes to sports. He is great at soccer and basketball, doesn't get all worked up about the score, but truly focuses on people having fun and playing the best he can. I've seen it over and over, him letting the ball go past so he can stop to help another player up (even someone not on his team).

He loves adventures, and learning, and reading, and reading, and reading...did I mention he loves to read? 

He has a big heart for his siblings. He isn't too cool or too old to play with them. He has the biggest admirer-Lincoln.

He also has a big heart for friends, and even people he has only met once. 

He is passionate about China. I'm still trying to figure out what started this but he is obsessed with anything China. For a while he was learning some mandarin from an app on my phone. He has self taught himself so many things about that culture, perhaps it will come in handy some day.

He takes initiative to come and ask me what chores he can do for me. *say what?!* He truly doesn't mind helping out and he takes the role of big brother very well.

 I could go on and on about his tender, loving heart. :) We love our special time with him after the other kids go to bed- playing games, reading, or just talking about the day. He is such a special person.

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