Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ari turned 8 {back in October}

There is just something special about your kids birthdays. It's a good reminder that life doesn't ever slow down (and that I'm getting older as well).

Ari had several "themes" he wanted to do for his birthday. We don't normally have themes but as he gets older, he goes through phases of things he is really in to. So I picked one and went with it.

Of course that meant he got loaded up with fun things that went right along with it. We even made our first pinata in to a Death Star. And by "we" I mean AJ :)

My brother had to stand guard as the children scrambled around to find all the candy.

Lemon cake was on the menu again. His favorite.

This year has been a huge year for Ari. I have seen him grow in so many ways both spiritually and emotionally. He continues to be a deep thinker and usually asks the most challenging questions at bedtime, which is when he likes to talk about his day. Then we end each night with "happy thoughts", a nightly tradition we've had for years.  He still has a sensitive heart towards others and is burdened for those who are struggling with something. He loves to read and I usually find a few books that he has been working through at a time. He has been dedicated to a daily quiet time and is also very diligent in reading his Charlie Brown calendar each day. (It HAS to be on the correct date.) He is finding his balance as the oldest (a GREAT big brother) and wanting to have some alone time. We are so proud of who he is. Happy birthday!

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