Thursday, February 9, 2017

fall break {Lake Monroe/Property}

Fall break seems like such a long time ago. Partially because it was and partially because we have done lots of fun things since. We had a special trip to Culver's (and sadly I don't even remember why!)

And we had our first experience at the Commons Mall. What a fun place!

AJ took three of the kids in his car (to who knows where?!)

And apparently had a fun pit stop in the toy aisle.

We were able to to head down to our friends boat and property so we hit up Steak N Shake on the way.

The property had so many fun things for them to see/do.

Evangeline was waiting very patiently for the ducks to come get some food.

These chickens didn't mind us one bit.

And the kids loved riding in the tractor! Some of them got to drive it :)

Papa took them down the creek to collect geodes.

And of course they had to crack them open to see the goodies.

We had chicken over a campfire, ate s'mores, then went back to collect some eggs.

We were very blessed to be able to spend the night on our friends boat. What an adventure!

We got to swim in the indoor pool for a bit before heading to bed. We were tired from our long day that we went to bed right along with the kids.

Now the kids constantly ask when we get to do that again :)

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